Return to Avalon

Dear friends,

I am very hoppy tonight.
I will return to Avalon on the morrow to meet mother Mary.

El Mascotador arranged for me and Athena to have dinner together tonight. I’m told that there is video, but I know not what that means.

A new lion has arrived. She requires attention, but I must return to Avalon.

I am grateful to all who dwell in the castle of kindly lions.

Until we meet again, I remain your humble servant.




I have had another vision.

It came to me in my slumber.
Again I saw the table and the four chairs.
This time there were four lions in the orbiting chairs.
There were two other lions and a wolf at the door.
I could hear the lions talking.
They spoke of “orbits” and “molecules” and “reactions”.

I do not understand the lions.

Perhaps it is for the best that I return to Avalon after all.


The Round Table

I had a vision last night.
I saw a round table and four chairs.
I have never seen a table or chair such as these.
The chairs seemed to orbit around the table.

Something is afoot. I smell Puck.



Dear friends,

I find myself here, in my third summer at the Castle of Kindly Lions, wondering if the round table exists.

Have I been a page?
If so, in what book?

It is written that experience is the best teacher, but the exam comes before the course.

I don’t want to leave Athena. I don’t want this summer to end.


A message from Issy

The Day of the Dogs festival is finally over.
It lasted at least three days.
Woof! (Hop)

Everyone slept in the courtyard last night.
We were roused from our slumber by a raven sent by Issy.
After several wake up caws, he addressed us, saying:
Having traveled some 40 leagues to the east, I have arrived safely at the hamlet of Elon.
I have splendid news to report: I have chosen my new humans! (Caw!)
They are a young couple, so I anticipate no problems in training them.
I shall begin their education at once, by running them twice daily. (crunck)
Thank you all for your friendship and good council. (awk)
Blessings along the journey,
The Wolf Issy”

The raven then took a leisurely bath in the fountain and finished off the Hors d’oeuvres before flying off to the east.


El dia de los perros


Word has just reached us from Casa Santa Margarita, in the land of Dos Montañas.
One of the wolves must fulfill a sacred promise to Santa Margarita.
The wolf they call “Issy” must embark upon a new life and never return.
We are all gathered in the courtyard, celebrating.
They call it “El dia de los perros”.
In a few days, all of the animals will escort Issy to the gates.
And then Issy will run off across the hills to her new life.
They say that we send the Moon with her, to watch over her, and help her count the sheep at night.


The Lion Holly

The Lion Holly has been watching me since the rain stopped.
She stares at me and Athena.
I know what she’s thinking. She remembers last summer, and so do I.
It is written that an encounter with a goddess…
Well, let’s just say, “es muy peligroso”.
I wonder if all summer camps are like this.


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